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Tipped-Over Portable Toilets Prevention and Treatment 1

Tipped-Over Portable Toilets: Prevention and Treatment

Strong winds, heavy storms, or uneven ground are a few of the many reasons why portable toilets can tip over. When a portable toilet falls to its side, the chemicals and contents inside the toilet splatter on the ground and create a massive, stinky mess.

Luckily, you can do several things to prevent your portable toilets from tipping over. Here are a few of the simplest ways to prevent a tip over and the things to do if a portable toilet does accidentally tumble.

Set Your Portable Toilets in the Ideal Spot

Locate a place that features flat, level, and sturdy ground, such as concrete or paved surface. Never place the portable toilet on a slope, damp ground, muddy ground, or near a curb. In addition to finding a level, sturdy surface, the portable toilets should be easily accessible for employees or guests and easy for the portable toilet company to drop off, pick up, and service the portable toilets.

If for some reason the first spot you pick isn’t ideal down the road, contact your service provider to move the portable toilets to a better location.

Block the Wind

Portable toilets should withstand the elements. However, a strong guest or continuous wind can eventually tip over your portable toilet, especially if the toilets are set on uneven ground. If you keep your portable toilets on-site for several weeks or months, such as during a construction job, set them in a spot that will block the wind.

For example, place the toilets near a wood fence or building. When no structures to block the wind are available, build a simple wall or fence with scrap wood, plywood, or whatever materials you have around the construction site. Leave a few inches of space between the wall or fence around the portable toilet to allow for adequate ventilation.

Also, make sure the wall doesn’t make it difficult for your portable toilet provider to maintain and empty the portable toilets.

Secure the Portable Toilets

Ask your portable toilet rental provider to secure the toilets to the ground with stakes. The stakes tie to the toilet and go into the ground. Do not attempt to stake the portable toilets to the ground on your own.

If the ground is too soft under the toilets, they could easily tip over after a heavy rainfall. Your provider will locate the ideal spot and secure the toilets to the ground for you to ensure the portable units are secure and safe.

Protect Your Portable Toilets From Vandals

Even if you protect your portable toilets from the elements, they can still fall victim to vandals. Place your portable toilets in a well-lit, fenced area that employees or the police can look after. If you operate a construction site, set the toilets in a spot that security cameras or an overnight security guard can monitor.

Dealing With a Tipped Portable Toilet

Unfortunately, despite your best efforts, a small chance exists that your portable toilet will tip over. If this occurs, do not attempt to clean up the mess or place the portable toilet in an upright position. Instead, contact your service provider immediately.

The portable toilet rental provider will determine the best way to clean up the mess and replace the tipped portable toilet. If the portable toilet has damage after tipping, it will likely need replacing as well. After the spill is cleaned up, your rental company can help you devise a plan to ensure the portable toilets don’t tip over again the future.

From finding the ideal spot to protecting the portable toilets from vandals, you can prevent your portable toilets from tipping over. If you have any further questions, contact Portable John of Tulsa.

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