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Tips for Managing a Portable Toilet in Bad Weather 1

Tips for Managing a Portable Toilet in Bad Weather

Terrible weather can impact your outdoor event, and that means you need to worry about the safety of those using your portable toilets. These tips will help you keep your portable toilets safe and thus keep your clients, employees, and guests safe in the process. Read on to learn more about securing your portable restrooms.

Secure the Portable Toilet Against Wind

Winds can get intense sometimes, and they can take portable toilets with them. Wind that gets inside the portable toilet can even send it flying up into the air. This is why many companies offer methods of securing portable toilets to the ground.

The first choice for securing portable restrooms against the wind is to bring them inside a structure. Of course, not all events offer this kind of coverage. If this is the case, you should move the toilet toward a wall that will provide a sense of shelter.

No shelter in sight? Your next best step is to create a barrier, perhaps using large equipment or something else heavy. You can use ropes to secure the toilet to this item, preventing the wind from taking hold.

If this is not an option, consider tying shut the door to the portable toilet. This means wind won’t get into the unit. Some companies will also offer special spikes that keep your portable toilet tied to the ground too.

Don’t forget the need to look for portable toilets that are impact-resistant as well. No matter how secure your toilets are, other projectiles may still fly into them.

Secure the Portable Toilet Against Rain

If you experience a lot of rain, sleet, or hail, consider a special tent that is designed to keep the toilet from getting wet. The tent will also protect those who use the portable restroom from getting wet as soon as they step in or out of the toilet.

Some portable toilets even come with special rain gutters that direct the flow of water away from doors. If a sudden storm hits and you don’t have tents available, your guests won’t step directly into a waterfall.

Secure the Portable Toilet Against Ice

Ice is another serious issue that impacts portable toilets. Winterizing your portable toilet is a great way to keep the facilities sanitary and to prevent your guests from slipping. One of your first tasks might be to deice the toilet with salt.

Some people also use antifreeze to prevent the system from freezing. Without antifreeze or a similar solution, the liquid inside the toilet may freeze, meaning that you can’t treat the toilet with chemicals. And if you can’t use chemicals, then the waste won’t be partially disinfected and the toilets will stink.

Secure the Portable Toilet Against Heat

The heat can also impact your portable toilet rental. The first thing you should consider is the role of ventilation for your toilet. People inside the restroom should have fresh air, and the restrooms should allow for some breeze to enter.

You should also consider moving your toilets out of the sunlight. Find a tent or shady place to place the toilets, especially during the heat of the summer when the beating sun can take a toll.

Rent Portable Toilets

Reputation matters, and many local portable toilet companies offer ways to secure and protect their toilets and those who use them. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when you consider renting toilets.

Porta John of Tulsa has the portable toilets you need. Since 1968, we have provided toilets you can use in all types of situations. Call our office today to discuss your portable toilet options.

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