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3 Common Myths About Portable Toilets 1

3 Common Myths About Portable Toilets

If you’ve ever worked on a construction site or attended an outdoor event, chances are you have used a portable toilet at some point in your life. Unfortunately, many people have a negative association with portable toilets which makes them reluctant to rent any units or use portable toilets at an event.

In reality, many of the misconceptions you’ve heard about portable toilets are based on preconceived notions and lack of knowledge about these useful products. In truth, many of these myths are easily dispelled.

Myth #1: Portable Toilets Are Messy

Before companies rent out their portable toilets, they thoroughly clean and sanitize the units. After works place the unit on your property or construction site, you can work with the company to set up you preferred cleaning schedule. If the toilet becomes messy, the rental company can also come out and clean it up.

The smell of portable toilets is another common issue that people believe is a problem. When workers clean and sanitize toilets before you receive them or while they are on-site, the workers also eliminate all odors.

If you want to rent multiple portable toilets for an event, such as an outdoor wedding or large backyard graduation party, ask your rental company about on-site attendants. The attendants can be there resolve any messes or odors quickly, which will help your guests get back to the event much more quickly.

Myth #2: Portable Toilets Are Inferior to Indoor Facilities

When you think of portable toilets, you might think of a cramped space that doesn’t allow you to properly clean up after using the facilities. Jumping in your car to use the nearest gas station or rest stop often seems like the better option because they are better equipped than portable toilets. In reality, portable toilets come equipped with various amenities and come in several sizes.

Here are a few popular portable toilet amenities to consider:

  • Hand sanitizing stations. Sanitizing stations are great if you are renting multiple portable toilets for larger events or for construction sites.
  • Hand washing stations. Another portable choice, handwashing stations allow guests access to fresh water, soap, and paper towels. There are also larger models that feature sinks inside the portable toilet as well.
  • Misting fans and heaters. Misting fans are placed outside the unit and help keep guests cool while they are in line. Heaters are ideal for construction sites, outdoor weddings, and other events held during colder weather.
  • Baby changing stations. These trailers are larger sized and feature extra space for parents to comfortably change their child’s diapers.

If you will host an outdoor event and expect many guests, consider a restroom trailer. These trailers are larger than standard portable toilets and feature more amenities, such as separate bathrooms for men and women.

Myth #3: Portable Toilets Are Only for Massive Outdoor Events

Finally, you may assume that if you are host an intimate outdoor gathering or invite a few friends to a local park for an afternoon picnic, you cannot enjoy the convenience of portable toilets. Whether you want to rent a single unit for one afternoon or multiple units for several weeks or months, you can secure any number of portable toilets with any number of amenities for as long as you require.

From the idea that portable toilets are unsanitary to the notion that you only need to rent units for larger events, many myths can prevent you from enjoying the convenience of portable toilets. If you have any more questions or want to rent portable toilets for your construction site or event, contact Porta John of Tulsa.

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