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Handicap Portable Toilets in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Helping You Meet Federal Requirements

At any public event, it is a requirement to provide handicap restrooms for your guests and visitors. At Porta John of Tulsa, we’ll help you not only meet the expectation for handicap facilities but also provide restrooms that exceed guidelines. We will help you provide the highest-quality portable restrooms for all of your guests.

Our handicap units are all compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. They are wheelchair-accessible and are specifically designed with wheelchair users in mind. Each unit is significantly larger than our traditional units, and they provide space for wheelchairs to easily navigate in the restroom. They also have handrails and ground-level access to make entering and using the facility simple and hassle-free.

Family Friendly Restrooms

Because of the extra space in our handicap portable restrooms, they are also family friendly. The expansive space allows parents to easily accompany and assist small children. Adults are able to ensure their children aren’t too close to urinals, hand sanitizer dispensers and other items they shouldn’t touch.

Other Benefits of Handicap Units

Handicap units are not only convenient for families and essential for handicapped visitors. They also provide a safer restroom for the elderly. Seniors may have trouble navigating the step into a traditional unit. Handicap portables’ ground-level accessibility allows you to reduce the risk of injury. Finally, with the increased interior space, handicap units also provide convenient dressing rooms for athletes during and after sporting events like races.

Handicap Toilets - Porta John of Tulsa

Order Your Facilities

Be prepared for your function and call our offices today. We will help you place an order for the handicap portable restrooms you need. Our friendly staff will gladly answer any questions you have and help you determine the proper number of facilities you need for your event.