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5 Reasons to Rent Portable Toilets for Your Big Event 1

5 Reasons to Rent Portable Toilets for Your Big Event

When hosting a big event, one of the most important things you can do as a host is to provide clean, comfortable bathrooms. However, if the event is going to be held at your home, you may not realize the hassle that using your home’s bathrooms will cause.

Fortunately, renting portable toilets will prevent problems and frustrations from arising for you and your guests. Below are five reasons why you should use rental toilets at your big event.

Simplify Your Planning and Preparation

Renting portable toilets for your big event can greatly simplify your event planning. Specifically, by renting toilets, you will eliminate the need to prepare your bathrooms to handle guests.

For example, if you open your bathrooms during an event, you will need to stock up on a number of essentials such as toilet paper, hand soap, guest towels and deodorizers. That will require extra purchases on your part, along with the time it takes to shop at the store.

By outsourcing your guest’s bathroom needs to a portable toilet provider, you will have one less thing to worry about before the event. As such, you will be able to focus more on planning the more enjoyable details that relate directly to the event.

Alleviate Cleanup Duties

Renting portable toilets is the most sensible option because it will help alleviate your post-event cleanup responsibilities. Cleaning up after a big event is a huge chore, especially when you are tired, and most people don’t look forward to cleaning well-used bathrooms regardless of the timing.

When you rent portable toilets, all of the cleaning responsibility rests upon the rental company. The toilets are loaded and hauled away, and the messes travel along with them.

Free You to Spend Time With Guests

If you decide to open your home’s bathrooms to the guests at your event, you will invest your time and energy in keeping the bathrooms well-supplied and functioning. However, if you decide to rent portable toilets, you will be able to spend quality time with guests and entertain them instead of troubleshooting problems. Don’t allow an unnecessary duty to interfere with your ability to enjoy the event you host.

Protect Your Home

Opening the door to your home is a sign of hospitality, but if you are hosting a large outdoor event, then it may be more than your home can handle. Large numbers of guests entering your home in search of bathrooms will cause the potential for damage to mount.

For example, there is an increased likelihood that carpet will become dirty and stained, especially if the outside ground is muddy or wet. In addition, heavy use of your bathrooms may result in broken plumbing fixtures and even clogs.

Another possible problem with opening your home to large numbers of people is the risk of theft. Even if you trust the majority of your guests, there is always a chance of someone stealing from you. That is why renting portable toilets and keeping your home safe and sound is the wisest course of action.

Provide Your Guests With Convenient Comfort

An advantage of renting portable toilets is increased comfort and convenience for your guests. Instead of only being able to provide one or two bathrooms for guests, renting portable toilets can give your guests access to multiple units. This will decrease or eliminate wait times for guests.

In addition, portable toilets can be placed in locations near your guests, and this will help prevent their enjoyment of the event from being interrupted by treks to the bathroom.

If you have questions about renting portable toilets, be sure to contact Porta John of Tulsa for assistance. Their staff is available to help you make decisions about renting toilets for your event and will guide you through the entire process.

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