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5 Tips for Restrooms at Your Outdoor Wedding 1

5 Tips for Restrooms at Your Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor wedding venues give you plenty of room to plan the wedding and reception of your dreams. Yet, they do tend to come with a little hitch when it comes to making sure that everyone has a place to use the restroom and get dressed because many of the most beautiful outdoor areas are not equipped with working toilets.

Fortunately, you never have to let a lack of bathrooms cause you to miss out on your preferred outdoor venue. Portable toilets are an ideal option for setting up a temporary restroom station for your guests, and you can use these tips to seamlessly blend your sanitation and hygiene stations into your wedding plans.

Check the Guest List

One of the first things you will need to do is figure out how many toilets you need. After all, the last thing you want is for someone to miss a special moment because they are stuck in a lengthy restroom line. Start by assessing your guest list to get an idea of how many people you expect to attend the event.

As you check your guest list, remember that more factors may influence how many restrooms you need than just the overall expected count. For instance, a large number of people with disabilities may increase the number of handicap toilets you need. Keep in mind that families with small children may also use these toilets for the extra space.

Consider the Length of the Event

Although you might only need one or two restrooms for a short wedding, you should plan for more if you anticipate your event will last several hours. When you make arrangements for event toilet rentals, have your guest list in hand along with how long you expect the event to last so that you can get a professional recommendation on how many to get.

Longer events may also require a professional team to service the restrooms throughout the day to keep them hygienic. Consider this need if your event is expected to last all day or across several days, such as if you have people flying into town to camp out for your outdoor wedding.

Keep Hygiene in Mind

In addition to using the toilets, your guests will need a place to wash their hands. Consider adding hand washing or hand sanitizer stations near your refreshments area so that everyone can wash up before enjoying a slice of delicious wedding cake.

As a general rule, you should have one hand washing station per four toilets, but your amount will depend upon whether you use restroom trailers with sinks installed and the placement of your hand washing stations.

Choose the Right Location

While you want your portable toilets to be noticeable enough for guests to find them, you also want to avoid having them show up in your wedding album. Try to identify out-of-the-way areas of the venue that still allow your guests to gain fast access to the toilets. Usually, toilets set up along the perimeter of the venue work well while staying out of the view.

Create a Bridal Suite

One disadvantage of many outdoor venues is the lack of a place for the wedding party to prepare for the ceremony. Avoid having the groom catch a glimpse of the bride in her dress before it is time by arranging for a restroom trailer that has all the room and privacy that the wedding party needs to get dressed before the ceremony.

After the wedding, this trailer can also serve as a place for your guests to freshen up and cool off because these come with toilets, sinks, and amenities such as air conditioning and heating systems.

Our professional team at Porta John of Tulsa loves giving couples the wedding of their dreams by helping to plan the perfect restroom setup. Contact us today to find out how we can turn your outdoor wedding venue into a more comfortable place for your guests to celebrate your nuptials.

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