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Three Mistakes to Avoid When Placing Portable Toilets at Your Next Outdoor Event 1

Three Mistakes to Avoid When Placing Portable Toilets at Your Next Outdoor Event

While planning your next outdoor event, you may have a long list of tasks to perform, including seeing to the needs of your guests. Part of these tasks should include seeing to your guests’ bathroom needs by ordering portable toilets. While you are planning the placement of the toilets, avoid the following three mistakes.

Not Surveying the Ground’s Conditions

When planning where you are going to put the portable toilets, you may feel you can place them anywhere they will fit. However, you should carefully survey the ground before deciding on a spot.

Locations to avoid include on the slope of a hill or next to a lake. The incline of the hill could make the portable toilet fall over if someone were to rock it, even accidentally. Also, a lake has spongy soil that could make the toilet sink into or slide across the ground.

When selecting the spots for the toilets, try to use ground that is as flat as possible. Also, walk on any area that you are considering to make sure the soil is solid.

Not Checking the Weather Forecast

Another mistake to avoid when planning where to put the toilets is neglecting to check the weather forecast. If rain or a storm is a possibility, these weather conditions could impact your decision.

For example, the rain can change the texture and stability of the ground below the toilets. Even if you have inspected the spot as suggested in the previous section, a downpour could make the soil too soft and spongy.

If rain is in the forecast, you could plan on placing plywood or another type of platform to support the toilet. This contingency plan can help you avoid any mishaps if the toilets were to sink or slide while your guests are using them. When a storm is threatening to blow through the area, it may have high winds. While portable toilets are sturdy, extremely powerful gusts could blow them over if the toilets are not properly placed or grounded.

If a storm is a possibility, make sure you place them near a structure that can block the wind. When speaking with the company providing you with the portable toilets, you could also discuss your concerns and find out about any options for anchoring them.

Not Placing the Toilets Close to the Concession Areas

If you will be serving food at your event, you do not want to make the mistake of placing the toilets too far away from the concession stands. While this placement may at first make sense because of hygiene, it could make things difficult for your guests.

When a person eats, their body naturally wants to make room for the new food. As a result, the intestines may perform a sudden bodily function called mass peristalsis to force their contents out of the body. When this happens, some people feel a sudden urgency to go to the bathroom.

If you have placed the toilets across a field, your guests may have an uncomfortable experience while making their way to the bathroom. While you do not need to place the toilets right next to the eating area, it should be within a short distance.

Although the placement of portable toilets may seem like a trivial detail while planning your outdoor event, it should be one of the most important tasks on your to-do list. For help with planning and ordering the types of portable toilets you need, contact Portajohn of Tulsa so they can give you the guidance on placement, as well as answer any other questions you may have.

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