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Unique Situations When a Homeowner Needs Portable Toilets 1

Unique Situations When a Homeowner Needs Portable Toilets

As a homeowner, you probably never thought you would need a portable toilet. However, you may come across some instances where you may find a portable toilet would make things a lot easier for those in your household, or even for those visiting you. Here are some of the times when you may find a portable toilet to be a true asset for your home.

Your Plumbing Needs Serious Repairs

If your plumbing isn’t working and the plumber has informed you the repairs are going to take a while to complete, then you may translate this into your family using the bathroom at the gas station down the street for the time being. But who wants to run to the gas station every time they need to relieve themselves?

In this situation, life in your home would be much easier if you were to have a portable toilet in your yard for the time being. The portable toilet isn’t going to be a permanent fixture, so you shouldn’t put too much thought into what your neighbors will think.

Once your portable toilet has been delivered, your family can make the short trip through the yard to use the toilet. You can rent a portable toilet for the duration your home’s facilities will be worked on. As soon as your plumbing is back up and running, you can have the portable toilet picked up.

Your Home Is Being Remodeled

If you are having your home remodeled, then your bathroom may be out of service for awhile if the bathroom is one of the areas being remodeled. This means everyone in the family will need a place to relieve themselves. Having a portable toilet will give everyone close facilities to use while the bathroom is being upgraded.

Even if you are only remodeling other areas of your home than the bathroom, you may not like the idea of random construction workers using your private bathroom. When you have a portable toilet brought onto your property, then you can refer the workers to that facility and leave yours private and for family use only.

You’re Going to Have a Large party

If you plan a large party at your home, then you’ll more than likely want to keep certain sections of your home off-limits to guests. For example, you may not like the idea of random guests perusing your bathroom at their whim. This is especially important if you keep your medications in the bathroom.

A portable toilet can be brought in for the duration of your party. Once your guests see that there is a portable toilet right in the yard, they will likely use those facilities instead of wander through your home.

You’re Going to Have Some House guests

Normally, when people have house guests, the guests are expected to use the home’s bathroom. But if you have a small house with a single bathroom, then the chances are good that your family is already fighting for time in the bathroom each day, so adding more people to the mix may not be a good idea.

If you are going to have a family stay with you, then that single bathroom will not realistically work for two families. An easy way to take care of this problem is to have a portable toilet brought to your home for the duration of their visit.

You don’t have to designate the portable toilet as their bathroom. You can just have the portable toilet available for anyone who needs to use the toilet when the one in the house is already being occupied.

If you have found a need for renting a portable toilet, then contact us now. We at Porta John of Tulsa will get you set up with one right away.

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