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4 Tips for Family Friendly Portable Toilets 1

4 Tips for Family Friendly Portable Toilets

If you’re hosting an event, you want to make sure that your guests or customers are as comfortable as possible. One way to increase the satisfaction of your event attendees is to have on-site portable toilets. As the host, you should expect attendees to need to use the restroom if your event is longer than an hour or so. Families in particular need roomy portable toilets that they can easily access.

Young children may require assistance from their parents or caregivers in the restroom for years after they initially potty train. And some parents may prefer to accompany their self-sufficient children to the restroom due to safety concerns. Here are a few tips you can follow to make your portable toilets as family friendly as possible.

1. Opt for Larger Units

When you pick your portable toilets, you can choose from a few different sized units. In this situation, select larger units, as they can benefit your event in multiple ways.

Spacious facilities ensure that parents have ample room to enter the restrooms so that they can assist and supervise their children. If a parent has multiple children, the unit has space for the other children to wait while one child uses the restroom. Small strollers may even fit inside larger units and restroom trailers, should the parent prefer to keep the stroller with the family.

Another benefit of larger units is that it’s easier to ensure that the facilities for your event are handicap accessible and adhere to requirements set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). You may have families at your event with handicapped children; a roomy unit makes the process more comfortable for the parent to maneuver a child in a wheelchair into the space and provide assistance when necessary.

2. Set Up Stations With Hand Sanitizer

Though you need to have hand washing stations set up with soap and water, place a few hand sanitizer stations in and around your portable toilets. This is a convenient option for parents who have concerns that their children didn’t wash their hands thoroughly or for kids who have managed to dirty their hands after using the hand washing stations.

3. Have a Diaper Changing Space

Even if your event isn’t specifically geared towards babies or parents with babies, remember that some children don’t completely potty train until they are three or four years old. Have a dedicated space set up for parents to change children in diapers.

You can rent a portable changing station that looks similar in appearance to a portable toilet, and inside the unit rests a changing table. Another solution is to rent a restroom trailer and set up a small changing table in the unit; trailers tend to have more interior space that can house a separate changing table as well as helpful accessories, like baby wipes and disposable diaper sacks.

4. Place the Portable Toilets Throughout the Event Site 

Some event sites can only accommodate portable toilets in a single area. When possible, place portable toilets at different locations. If you’re hosting a large or spread-out event, this makes it easier for families who are at one end of the event site to quickly get to a restroom.

Children who are newly potty trained or haven’t learned how to control their bladders may not be able to hold it for a long trek to the restroom. This increases the chance of an accident. Nearby bathroom facilities makes attending the event more convenient for the parents.

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