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The Importance of Having Portable Toilets at Construction Sites

Portable Toilet At Construction Site
During any construction job, you will care for your workers best by making sure the job has portable toilets at the job site. From small remodeling jobs at an existing home to a new home build or even a commercial building, every construction location needs portable toilets.
Providing your employees with access to toilets at the site will benefit the employees, the clients, the environment, and your bottom line. The information here will educate you on the different reasons you want to be sure you always have toilets for your employees.
Workers Should Not Use a Client's Bathroom
When remodeling a home, your employees should not use the client's bathroom. When construction workers ask to use the bathroom of a client, the client is put in an uncomfortable position. Most homeowners won't like to have numerous construction workers use their private bathroom. The homeowners may worry about theft or hygiene issues.
Further, if your employees use a client's bathroom, those employees are at risk. If the client were to misplace something, they could blame innocent employee for theft. Also, should the bathroom happen to have serious plumbing issues during the time frame when your employees used the bathroom, then the homeowner may blame the issues on your employees.
Workers Shouldn't Have to Leave the Worksite
When you don't provide your workers with a nearby bathroom, you leave them to search for one nearby. This means that to go to the bathroom, they must stop working and drive to a different location, hoping to find a bathroom open to the public.
Your employees may still be on the clock during this trip, and should they have a car accident while on the clock, then your company could be held liable under certain circumstances.  
Onsite Toilets Improve Productivity
When your employees leave to go to the bathroom, they interrupt the flow of labor. And if they have a good deal of traveling to do, the job can take longer to complete.
When a worker has to journey to use the toilet, it can take them as long as 25 minutes to get back on track. Because they'll also have gotten out of the construction mindset, they'll also be at higher risk of making a mistake while they get their minds back to work.
Portable Toilets Help the Planet 
When you supply your employees with portable toilets on the job site, you will give them a restroom that takes up a small amount of space and doesn't require a constant water supply. You will know your employees aren't wandering off to take care of things somewhere nearby, in the process contaminating the ground soil and water supply.
Local Laws and Requirements Apply
Many cities and counties require a toilet to be on a construction site before work begins. Since your company more than likely takes jobs in many counties, providing a portable toilet as a rule lets you know you will be following the area's laws and requirements.
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) also has rules in place to make sure portable toilets are present on job sites where other bathroom facilities are not readily available for employees. If you are found not complying with OSHA standards, then you can face fines and have your job put on hold until you do comply.
Contact Porta John of Tulsa to get set up with portable toilets on your company's job sites. We will provide you with toilets that meet all local and federal requirements. Work with us to ensure your employees can use appropriate bathroom facilities when they need to without leaving the work area.


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