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Restroom Trailers VS. Portable Toilets: How to Choose the Right One for Your Event

Portable Toilets

One requirement of event planning is making sure that all of your guests' needs are met. While it's naturally more fun to pick out decorations and plan the entertainment, you can bet that the restroom facilities will be just as frequently used.

Regardless of the event, it's common to be surprised at the number of options that are available for outdoor restroom facilities, and you can narrow your choices down by considering these factors as you plan your event.

Estimate the Number of Expected Guests

An event without enough bathrooms is sure to be a disaster. After all, the last thing you want is for your guests to be uncomfortable or forced to spend the whole time waiting in long lines.

Although the number of toilets that you need depends on upon several factors, such as the length of the event, you should typically consider the number of guests first. However, other factors such as serving alcohol at your event could increase the amount of toilets that are necessary.

Ask your portable bathroom rental team to help you determine how many toilets are required. If you need more than three, then a restroom trailer may help to reduce the cluttered appearance of rows and rows of portable restrooms. Alternatively, a trailer isn't necessary if you only need one facility.

Anticipate the Length of the Event

Long-term construction sites often require toilets to be moved from one area to another. In this case, single toilets give you more flexibility because you can spread them out as needed.

However, certain outdoor jobs such as movie production sets may go better with a trailer when you know that the restroom facilities can stay in one place throughout the duration of the event.

Consider Accessibility Needs
A handicap accessible toilet should be included in every set up, but you may need more depending on the number of quests you expect to need to use the toilet. Handicap accessible portable toilets sit on the ground, which alleviates the need for your guests to navigate stairs.
These types of toilets are also spacious enough for parents with small children to use as well. Therefore, these portable restrooms are always a good addition to your event even if you are planning to use trailers for the bulk of your needs.
Factor in Comfort Requirements

Portable toilets come equipped with everything a person needs to relieve themselves properly. However, you may want to go the extra mile if your guest's comfort is a big concern. You should also consider the weather forecast, as some outdoor events take place whether it rains or shines.

For instance, having air-conditioned and heated restroom trailers allows your wedding party to have a comfortable space to get ready. This is also an ideal option for outdoor events that are taking place during extreme weather since it allows people to cool off or warm up as needed.

Assess the Aesthetics

As you design your event layout, consider how the toilets will impact the overall aesthetic of your event. For instance, a single portable toilet can be placed discreetly off to the side while a trailer can be more attractive than multiple toilets sitting at the entrance.

Keep Hygiene in Mind

The toilets are just one part of the sanitation and hygiene planning that's required for your event. You must also make sure that your guests can wash their hands. Trailers come with sinks already in place, but portable toilets can be supplemented with hand-washing stations and hand sanitizer dispensers.

At Porta John of Tulsa, our expert team can help you decide which type of restroom facility best fits your event. Contact us today for a consultation.


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