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Common FAQs About Portable Toilets in Winter

Portable Toilet in Winter
As the weather begins to freeze, you might wonder how to deal with portable toilets for your winter events. No matter how cold the weather is, large groups of people at your outdoor or indoor event still require toilets.
You probably have many questions about portable toilets throughout the winter. Read on to learn more about common questions people ask.
What Kinds of Winter Events Need Portable Toilets?
Many winter events make great opportunities to rent portable toilets. Holiday-themed concerts, New Year's parties, and races all benefit from portable toilets. People will need to use the bathroom, so you should seek to provide adequate and comfortable facilities.
Many people get married in the winter, sometimes even outside. With portable bathrooms, you can provide great accommodations for your wedding guests.
Ice skating rinks and sledding areas may require portable restrooms. Any winter festivities that keep people out in the snow require portable toilets so the people do not track snow and dirt inside.
Do you plan to have a family reunion in the winter? Portable toilets are perfect for times when you have a family gathering at your home but do not have enough bathrooms for the group.
Where Should You Place Portable Toilets?
In the winter, you need to pay close attention to how you situate the portable toilets. Temperatures vary throughout the day in some areas, meaning snow can melt and harden, leaving puddles and slippery ice. If you want to prevent puddles, ensure you place the toilet on higher ground to allow water to flow rather than stand.
In placing portable toilets, you also need to consider trucks that service and maintain the toilets. Cold weather conditions can make reaching some areas difficult for trucks, so make sure technicians can get to the toilet area easily. You may need to clear a path for the truck to travel.
Make sure you have plenty of lighting in the winter, especially because the sun rises later and sets earlier. If you want to create a safe and welcoming environment for your guests, ensure they have access regularly. Additionally, this helps service technicians work on the toilets as necessary at all hours of the day and night.
You might also consider salting the area right outside the portable toilet. This will help prevent issues like freezing, which could injure your guests or loved ones.
Can You Keep Portable Toilets Warms?
One common concern for portable toilets in the winter is how to keep them warm. Temperatures can drop pretty low even inside the toilet area. Some people like to use heaters to add some warmth and comfort to the stalls. If you are not interested in heaters, consider placing the toilets in sunlight.
Keep in mind that you should notify the company you rented the toilets from if you notice any sort of freezing. They can replace your toilets or fix the problem so you can continue enjoying your event.
How Can You Rent Portable Toilets?
While Tulsa can receive several inches of snow each winter, you can host any winter event in style and comfort with portable toilets catered for your guests.
Porta John of Tulsa can help you keep your events fun and comfortable thanks to portable toilets. We understand the necessity of toilets in all seasons, and we can provide you with the best way to keep your customers, family, and friends happy throughout all your winter events.
Call us today to learn more about your toilet options and to ask any questions you may have. We're eager to help you with all your portable toilet renting needs for this upcoming winter.


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